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Learning Math — Through Minecraft!

-Please note that all lessons are slowly being moved over to Teachers Pay Teachers. Visit: to purchase lessons.

-Check out the new Minecraft Videos section to watch student created videos, as well as my own video tutorials/examples.

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What is Literacy Math?

Unique math class taught using exculsively Minecraft.
9 week connection course for 6th and 7th grade students.
Blend of all learning levels — Title I, gifted, regular ed., special ed.
6-8 projects completed per 9 week course.
Covers both math and reading Common Core Standards.
6th Grade Standards Covered

Why Use Minecraft?

Open world “sandbox.”

rollercoaster math

The foundation of all Minecraft projects.
Vocabulary words and key statements that students are responsible for learning on their own.
Quantity over quality.
Teach research skills as well as math skills.
Individualized learning.
Differentiation through 1:1 teacher/student interaction.